Harlem Faces New Wave of Attacks on Transgender Women

Harlem Attacker

Two recent attacks on transgender women in Harlem have come to light over the last two weeks.


ETNYC Founder and Director, transgender advocate Jennifer Louise Lopez, was the victim of physical attack aboard the MTA uptown D train around 10pm on Saturday, January 30th as she attempted to escape at the 125th St. and St. Nicholas Ave. station in Harlem. Ms. Lopez reports that she had sat next to a heavyset woman who became noticeably upset and began calling her a man. This woman started screaming and then swung her fist to hit Lopez.

Fellow passengers came to Ms. Lopez’s assistance and pulled the woman away. Lopez took out her camera to film her assailant, who she asserts is the black woman shown in the video, wearing the red scarf. At 125th St. station, she attempted to escape her attacker, but was chased off the train onto the platform, and back on to the train. The unidentified assailant scratched her, shattered her glasses, and punched her in the face and eye multiple times causing significant damage necessitating emergency eye surgery. She runs the risk of losing sight in that eye. Ms. Lopez’s glasses were also shattered in the altercation.

The attacker managed to escape from police who arrived on the scene, while Lopez was transported to a local hospital. Authorities are actively investigating the crime, any assistance you can offer would be welcomed. Ms. Lopez is comfortable, and details on how you can help her more directly will be forthcoming as she assesses her needs.


In a second recent Harlem attack, a transgender woman was beaten at 128th and 3rd Avenue at approximately 6am on February 5th. The victim, whose identity has not been released, was a sex worker attacked by her customer, who she alleges refused to pay and insisted she perform additional acts including oral sex. When she refused, she was attacked. Police and the NYC Anti-Violence Project are actively investigating.

Photo (Lexi Cannes via Jennifer Lopez)

-Hannah Simpson (ETNYC Contributor)


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    I am so sorry this happen Jennifer get well soon!

  • I’m so sorry that this occurred! I hope they find this waste of breathable air, and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. You know she was a coward and realizes what she did was wrong, or she wouldn’t be in hiding. Please acquire some protection for your future safety!