Open Letter to North Carolina Governor McCrory

North Carolina

Governor McCrory,   On behalf of Everything Transgender in NYC I am requesting that you repeal House Bill 2.  This bill causes violence toward a community that faces a 41% suicide attempt rate.  We are plagued with negative statistics that include being double the national average of homelessness and a 57% significant family rejection rate. Transgender people simply want to […]

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Harlem Transgender Woman Beaten Unconscious

Transgender Woman Jennifer Louise Lopez Face Damage

TRIGGER WARNING, THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS DESCRIPTIVE ACTS OF VIOLENCE TOWARD TRANSGENDER WOMEN Late last night on April 16, 2016, I (Transgender Woman, Jennifer Louise Lopez) was attacked by a person who had been making advances over my pretty appearance and wanting personal information about me. When the persons friend realized that I was a transgender woman, the friend started teasing […]

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Brooklyn Transgender Couple Traumatized by Landlord

UPDATE MARCH 23, 2016 3:55 PM   According to Olympia Perez (transgender woman) on March 9, 2016 her husband (transgender man), Sasha Alexander and her came home to find a sign left by their landlord, Sixto Ulloa, that read “No drugs, no smoke!  I will call the police and you will be evicted.  The sign was at the front door […]

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Accused Murderer of Islan Nettles Confessed but Still Wants Trial

Islan Nettles

UPDATE MARCH 22, 2016 – 11:17 AM James Dixon, the accused murderer of transgender 21 year old Islan Nettles appeared in court on March 17th. Dixon was given the opportunity multiple times to change his plea to guilty and receive only 12 years in prison instead of upwards of 25 years if found guilty by a jury. Assistant District Attorney […]

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Sample Letter from Licensed Physician Certifying to the Individual’s Gender Change

Here is a sample letter from the US Department of Social Security to have your gender marker changed.  The entire policy on gender marker change can be found here.   Exhibit – Sample Letter from Licensed Physician Certifying to the Individual’s Gender Change (Physician’s Address and Telephone Number) I, (physician’s full name), (physician’s medical license or certificate number), (issuing U.S. […]

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NYC Transgender Couple Assaulted by Notoriously Crazy Landlord

Olympia (Left) and Sasha (Right)

It appears that prominent transgender couple, Olympia Perez and Sasha Alexander were assaulted by their landlord, Dorota Trec.  Ms. Perez and Mr. Alexander were assaulted by Trec  while she  attempted to illegally remove them from their apartment.  In a facebook posting by Ms. Perez, a message reads: #Beforeitsgone Imani Henry #blacktranseverything My husband Sasha Alexander and I are being harassed […]

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UPDATE: Lyft driver places transgender woman in extreme danger


UPDATE: March 2, 2016   Monica Jones tells ETNYC that she was given a call from Lyft.  Ms. Jones says “All they offered me was free rides for the rest of the semester. It is like they [Lyft] does not care.”  She says she will not ride with Lyft again and that she believes they will continue to put passengers in danger. […]

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Emergency Rally for Transgender Woman Attacked

SGL Logo - Rally

MEDIA ALERT THE NYC SGL/LGBTQ COALITION HOLDS PRESS CONFERENCE & RALLY TO PROTEST ATTACK ON TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY LEADER WHEN: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12th – 5:30 PM RALLY WILL BE AT: D-Train Station at West 125th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue WHY: Transgender Community Leader, NYC SGL/LGBTQ Coalition Member, and Founder and Director of Everything Transgender in New York City, Jennifer Louise Lopez, was […]

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Harlem Faces New Wave of Attacks on Transgender Women

Harlem Attacker

Two recent attacks on transgender women in Harlem have come to light over the last two weeks. TRANSGENDER WOMAN ATTACKED ON THE TRAIN ETNYC Founder and Director, transgender advocate Jennifer Louise Lopez, was the victim of physical attack aboard the MTA uptown D train around 10pm on Saturday, January 30th as she attempted to escape at the 125th St. and […]

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Fox Story Chasers Gets it All Wrong About Trans People

Diana Blass Co-worker

Last week I was invited to be on the Fox channel show Story Chasers.  After reviewing a few of the segments I decided it appeared to be an okay show.  Total bite off of TMZ.  I agreed to meet Diana Blass here in the city.   When I met with Diana Blass (I think she identifies as female), I explained […]

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